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Pre-novice Interview


"One mind, one heart on the way to God."

                             ~ St. Augustine

Fr. Philip Yang, O.S.A.

Vocation Director


"You have made us for Yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in You."

                                               ~ St. Augustine

Augustinian Vocations


The friars who are preparing to make solemn profession are often referred to as Men of Heart.  This is largely because, throughtout our formation process, we form both the mind and the heart.  We do this not only through studying the works of Augustine, theology, and prayer, but also by living together in community.  this process generally takes 6-8 years and includes these steps:

1.  Discernment:  A man interested in life within the Augustinian Order will meet with a vocation director to discuss a potential call to religious life.

2.  Associate Program:  Interested men who are not ready for a live-in experience will enter into regular contact with tn Augustinian Friar to deepen their understanding of our charism and spirituality.

3.  Pre-Novitiate:  The candidate lives for a year in an Augustinian community and initial formation begins.  The candidate is introduced to the Augustinian Rule and the Order's Constitutions.

4.  Novitiate:  The candidate receives the white habit of the Order and enters into a year of prayer and study of our spirituality and history at the novitiate house in Wisconsin, in order to continue his individual discernment.

5.  Temporary Vows:  Novices profess their first vows of chastity, obedience, and poverty to the Order at the end of their novitiate year.  These vows are renewed each year until solemn  profession is made.  After first profession, friars will begin their studies at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. 

6.  Pastoral Year:  After two years of study, friars will spend a year (sometimes two) in active service for one of the North American ministries.

7.  Solemn Vows:  Solemn or perpetual vows of chastity, obedience, and poverty are made in the fourth or fifth year of theologate studies.  If a friar is called to brotherhood, he is ready for active, permanent ministry. 

8.  Diaconate Ordination:  Friars called to priesthood will then be ordained as transitional deacons.

9.  Priesthood Ordination:  The Prior Provincial will present friars to the bishop for ordination to the priesthood.  At this point, initial formation has concluded, and they will enter active ministry.

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