Augustinian Brotherhood Amidst the Ruins

Ever since I met Br. Robert Baiocco, OSA, I had wanted to travel with him because he is quite the world traveler -having explored 49 countries! I love listening to his stories whereby I learn how other cultures solve human needs in different ways; for example, Br. Robert shared with me recently how in a town in Morocco where he lived, the main staple was bread, and there was just one large oven for the whole village, and each family would mark the dough with a unique seal in order to recognize their bread. Br. Robert’s particular experiences as a world traveler were the way in which Christ called him to follow him more closely and to participate in His mission. Br. Robert has been Peru since

Let us be the Balm

From the very first day of May 2016, when my youngest brother was in an car accident, was admitted in a hospital, and died the following Sunday May, 8th 2016 (when the whole world was celebrating the Mother’s day, my mother lost her son), until the middle of the month of September, 2016, a time when my oldest brother passed away in the hospital because of an illness, the hospital had become a second home for my family, especially for my mom. During this period of time my mother spent a lot of time with my brothers next to their bed in the hospital, although they could not communicate, especially my youngest brother who was in a coma during his hospitalization, yet even still but she was ther

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