Forming Community, One Happy Stomach at a Time

St. Augustine taught his monks that they should always seek to be "One mind and one heart, on the way to God." It is sometimes joked that St. Augustine should have also added, "and one stomach!" Because one of the things that Augustinians do very well, is eat! This is reflective of the Order's charism of community life, which naturally lends itself towards the celebration of meals to get everyone together. St. Patrick's Parish in San Diego recently celebrated two food-themed events to bring parishioners together. The first was held at Pete's Seafood and Sandwich, where the faithful were invited to come out and enjoy a meal together, with 20% of the proceeds going to support the parish. L

Saints and Pilots Guided Through Border Day Experience

One of the highlights of St. Augustine High School's Senior "Social Issues" class is the "Border Day" trip, in which students studying issues surrounding immigration are able to see first hand how the issues play out in the real world. In their latest Border Day, a group from our sister school of Our Lady of Peace, home of the Pilots, joined in. One of the friars of the St. Augustine Monastery community, Br. Robert Baiocco, OSA, also served as a chaperone on the trip. The day began in the library of St. Augustine High School, with Saints alum Enrique Morenes giving a lecture on the work of his group Border Angels. Border Angels are a migrant advocacy group and are known for organizing wat

For Local Augustinians, Mission Can Be Found Just Across the Border

SAN DIEGO — There is nothing about the Order of St. Augustine that makes that religious community the obvious choice to support an orphanage. But, since 1975, Augustinian priests and brothers in San Diego have worked tirelessly to provide funds and oversight for Hogar Infantil La Gloria (, which is managed by a Tijuana-based nonprofit. “We didn’t set out to do this,” Augustinian Father John Keller said with a chuckle. But the Augustinians recognized a need and were in a position to help, explained Father Keller, who serves as president of the board of directors of Hogar Infantil, Inc., the California-based nonprofit that raises funds to operate the orphanage. “The Augu

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Fr. Jim Retzner, OSA, was joined by a cast of super heroes making the rounds at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, afterall he said,"Who says chaplains can't be superheroes?"

Brothers Cheer on the Saints

Brs. Robert Baiocco, OSA and Maxime Villeneuve, OSA, cheered on the St. Augustine Saints at the "Holy Bowl" on October 5th, 2018. Routinely a fixture on the sidelines this year along with Fr. Robert Gavotto, OSA, the friars encourage the players through their presence on the sidelines and pump up the crowd when there is a need for a big defensive stand. "Fr. Gary always tells us that the most important portion of Augustinian presence happens outside the classroom, and so attending athletic events, having fun with the student section, and chatting with some of the players is crucial to our ministry here at the school," said Br. Max. The Saints unfortunately lost the game, but Br. Max led the

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