Fall Vocation Discernment Weekend Held in San Diego

The Augustinians hold two vocation discernment retreats per year for men interested in learning more about our way of life. This past weekend, four men were hosted from Friday through Sunday as they learned more about the Augustinian charism as well as our aposotolates and ministries. Students in formation planned and organized the weekend, which included Mass, the Liturgy of the Hours, and a Holy Hour. Further, the discerners were brought to St. Patrick's Parish to learn about parish ministry from current pastor Fr. Carlos Medina, OSA, as well as a to hear a talk from Fr. Jim Retzner, OSA on his years as as hospital chaplain. The group then went to a local restaurant for social time and ma

St. Augustine and Villanova Prep Schools Participate in International SAVI Conference

The 11th Annual SAVI (Student Augustinian Values Institute) Gathering of Augustinian schools convened in Cascia Hall in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Each of the 10 member Augustinian schools in the US and Canada sent six sophomore student representatives to deepen their knowledge of St. Augustine and the Augustinian values, as well as to share what happens at their school and learn what is being done in others. The weekend featured a variety of prayer forms as well as liturgical devotions and experiences. Speakers from the Cascia Hall community both faculty and alumni of previous SAVI classes, spoke to the group on the three core Augustinian values: Unitas, Veritas, and Caritas. In their tour of Tula,

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