Affiliate Joe Silvestri Celebrates 90 Years

Some lay partners of the Augustinians are affiliated to the Order as a result of the recognition of their devotion and service to and on behalf of the Order. Affiliation is the highest honor that the Order is able to grant to others as it makes those who are affilated a member of the Order of St. Augustine. Recently Augustinians Kirk Davis, Mike Bube, Mike McFadden, Fernando Lopez, Gary Rye and Jim Retzner; all having ministered in Ojai at either St. Tomas Aquinas Church or Villanova Prep were able to attend and give thanks to Mr. Joseph Silvestri. Mr. Silvestri and his wife Mary were celebrating his 90th birthday and the friars were able to join him to celebrate. Congrats to Joe! Ad multo

Habemus Priore Generale!

As part of the 186th General Chapter of the Augustinian Order, voting took place earlier today for the office of the Prior General of the Order. The Chapter members reelected Alejandro Moral Antón, OSA as Prior General. The Chapter sent out the following message: "We offer our heartfelt gratitude to Alejandro for accepting this service to continue to guide the Augustinian Order in the next six years in the role of Prior General. We pray for our brother, Alejandro and ask God to bless, guide, inspire and protect him and all the members of the Order of Saint Augustine as the Ordinary General Chapter 2019 continues its work in discussions, deliberations and decisions." Congratulations, Alejand

186th General Chapter Opens in Rome

The 186th General Chapter of the Augustinian Order opened on September 1st, 2019 in Rome. The General Chapter is at the center of our Augustinian way of life and is the highest decision making body of the Order. Fr. Gary Sanders, OSA is attending the General Chapter as Prior Provincial of our province. Deacon Barnaby Johns, OSA is attending as our province delegate, as voted on in January at the First Session of our Provincial Chapter. Further, as a deacon, Br. Barnaby was able to assist at the opening Mass with Prior General Alejandro Moral Anton. The General Chapter takes up many issues during the three weeks in which it will be in session. Among them are the election of the Prior Gene

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