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Affiliate Joe Silvestri Celebrates 90 Years

Some lay partners of the Augustinians are affiliated to the Order as a result of the recognition of their devotion and service to and on behalf of the Order. Affiliation is the highest honor that the Order is able to grant to others as it makes those who are affilated a member of the Order of St. Augustine.

Recently Augustinians Kirk Davis, Mike Bube, Mike McFadden, Fernando Lopez, Gary Rye and Jim Retzner; all having ministered in Ojai at either St. Tomas Aquinas Church or Villanova Prep were able to attend and give thanks to Mr. Joseph Silvestri. Mr. Silvestri and his wife Mary were celebrating his 90th birthday and the friars were able to join him to celebrate.

Congrats to Joe! Ad multos annos

Fr. Kirk and Joe prepare for a prayer of blessing

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