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Deacon Max Begins Priesthood Preparation Retreat

Deacon Max distributing Communion to an Augustinian sister

Deacon Maxime Villeneuve, OSA, is leaving for a five day retreat at Prince of Peace Abbey in Oceanside, CA to prepare for his ordination to the priesthood this December.

The Church requires that any candidate for ordination to the diaconate, priesthood, or episcopacy go on retreat for no less than five days before they can be ordained. This allows time for the candidate to reflect on the ministry that they will be ordained to, and how God is calling them in their lives.

"I look forward to having some time away and see how God is calling me to serve His people as a priest in ministry," Deacon Max reflected, "This retreat will allow me the time to 'breathe in' before 'jumping in'".

Please pray for Deacon Max during these days of retreat, which are an integral part of the final portion of his years of formation as an Augustinian.

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