Br. Arturo Stars in Cabrillo Landing Reenactment

At the 54th annual Cabrillo Festival, the City of San Diego remembered the landing of the great explorer Juan Cabrillo, who made landfall in San Diego Bay on September 28th, 1542. In recent years it was learnt that the chaplain on his ship was an Augustinian friar, Fray Julian Lezcano, OSA. Ever since the local historic society has invited the local Augustinian community to send a member to represent this friar as they reenact the landing on a historic sailing ship on the San Diego Bay. This year Br. Arturo, assigned to the St. Augustine Monastery community, was able to serve and participate in the historic reenactment. He jokingly remarked that at first his religious habit was mistaken for a costume, but that this allowed him to be able to share a some of his story and the story of the Augustinians.

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