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Children's Hospital of LA Awards Fr. Jim

I am a member of the Spiritual Care Department of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles visiting kids, their parents and other family members who are visiting. We also are present to the clinical staff of doctors, nurses, and medical technicians as they care for the patients.

The Spiritual Care Department was awarded the CHLA Department Humanism Award for 2018. Every year this recognition given to one department, one doctor, one nurse, one staff member with patient contact, and one staff member who does not have contact with patients in recognition of the extra outpouring of care given. CHLA has a CPE program with summers dedicated to seminarians.

*Fr. Jim Retzner, O.S.A. is the prior of our community in Los Angeles and serves as a member of the Spiritual Care Department at CHLA. The California Augustinian is happy to share in this recognition, and ask the readers of this page to pray for the patients of Children's Hospital Los Angeles and Fr. Jim's ministry with them.*

Fr. Jim (center) and the Spiritual Care Department at CHLA

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