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Augustinians on Parade for the 4th!

At the invitation of the Knights of Columbus, three Augustinians took part in the 4th of July festivities on Coronado Island this year.

As you can see from the pictures, it was a fun day for all involved. The friars assisted with carrying flags, and Fr. John Grace, OSA rode in a car sponsored by the Knights of Columbus.

The friars enjoyed representing the Order and celebrating their patriotism. Fr. John noted, "Isn't it amazing how in this country, three friars- one from Pakistan, one from Mexico, and myself from Ireland can march in a parade together to celebrate this great country."

Br. Arturo Renteria, OSA shared that he had many positive conversations with the parade watchers along the route. Many of the people asked him about his Augustinian habit, especially because he was outside on a warm and sunny day. "Many of the people came to me and offered me water, I was very surprised and touched by this and it reminded me how many good people are around us," Br. Arturo also the story of one man who was especially impressed by them and said. "I'm not Catholic, but I want to thank you for carrying our flag."

Happy 4th to all!

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