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Friars Cheer on the Friars

Friars at the Ballgame

On the night of July 13th, 2017, the San Diego Padres hosted "Catholic Night" and invited the Catholic community of the city to the game.

Wishing to support the local Church and take in a fun game of baseball on a warm summer night, four friars from the St. Augustine Monastery community decided to join in on the fun. Pictured above you will find Br. Maxime Villeneuve, OSA, Fr. John Grace, OSA, Br. Arturo Renteria, OSA, and Br. Adnan Ghani, OSA.

There was a healthy spirit of cheer and rivalry as Br. Arturo rooted for the visiting team, the Chicago Cubs, while the others rooted for the Padres. The "Catholic Night" promotion included a special commemorative ball cap featuring the classic "Swinging Friar" logo of the Padres as well as a cross on the left hand side of the cap.

Many hundreds of local Catholics participated, with some parishes organizing buses of parishioners to take in the game and enjoy the fun. The game was hard fought and went into the 10th inning, when the visiting Cubs broke the tie and won the game. Everyone enjoyed themselves and were happy to express their faith in unity with other local Catholics at the ballpark.

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