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Deacon Max Celebrates First Baptisms

"What does a deacon do?" Is a question that is often asked of deacons.

For newly ordained Deacon Maxime Villeneuve, OSA, the answer last Saturday was- baptisms, three of them to be exact!

Br. Max began his diaconal ministry at St. Patrick's Church in San Diego, CA in July and was asked by Fr. Carlos Medina, OSA, to assist the priests of the parish by celebrating baptisms. For Br. Max, the experience of offering the Sacraments on behalf of Christ and the Church to the people of God was deeply moving.

"It is amazing to consider that my many years of study and preparation have brought me to this point, having the honor of baptizing and bringing young children into God's family. It is a both a responsibility and the utmost privilege all at the same time."

Asked how his first baptisms went, Deacon Max said, "Well I was a bit nervous at first, going through the Ritual over and over, wanting to make sure I didn't knock the oil into the font, things like that. Honestly though, once I made the Sign of the Cross and began, the Holy Spirit took over and things went very well. The Sacraments belong to Christ, not to me, and remembering that I merely had to allow God to work through me was very helpful in keeping calm and celebrating God's mysteries joyfully."

Deacon Max will continue to celebrate baptisms during the six months of his diaconal ministry at St. Patrick's, in addition to his full time responsibilities as a campus minster at St. Augustine High School. He will be ordained to the priesthood in December of this year.

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