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Students Pitch in to Help Orphanage

The beginning of the "assembly line" can be seen at the front of the photo

Hogar Infantil La Gloria is the sponsored ministry of the Province of St. Augustine in California, this means that each of our parishes and schools is asked to creatively support the orphanage in new ways each year.

Recently, students from St. Augustine High School and its' sister school of Our Lady of Peace came together to help put together the annual fundraiser mailing for the orphanage. Over 1,000 cards were prepared. The mailing had many components to it, including using glue sticks to paste a photo onto a letter, the insertion of additional materials, stuffing the envelopes themselves, pasting address labels, and of course- stamping!

Various students came in and out of the room as word spread around campus at Saints that there was a need to "pitch in" and help out the orphanage. As you can see, the response was very good, and the students worked together to form an assembly line that in less than 3 hours completed most of the work.

Consider joining the effort to support the children at Hogar Infantil by donating today.

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