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Fr. Gary Sanders Elected Prior Provincial

This will be Fr. Gary's third term as Prior Provincial

After a counting of ballots from the province membership on the night of November 13th, 2018 Fr. Gary Sanders, OSA was found to have been elected as the next Prior Provincial of the Province of California for 2019-2022 term. Fr. Gary will take office on January 7th, 2019, succeeding Fr. Kevin Mullins, OSA who will continue to serve as Prior Provincial until then.

This will be Fr. Gary's third four-year term as Prior Provincial. In a message to the brothers after his election, Fr. Gary said, "As you have honored me with the privilege of being our province’s next provincial, I echo Jesus’ promise to be a leader-servant in your midst. I also thank you for your displayed trust and confidence in me. Please include our province and me in your prayers."

Fr. Alejandro Moral Anton, Prior General of the Augustinian Order, extended his best wishes to Fr. Gary and upon the Province of St. Augustine in California in a message by saying, "Congratulations in your new ministry as Prior Provincial! I am very happy because I know you and your great love to the Order and to the Church. I pray and will pray for you and for the lovely California Province."

Please join us in praying for the Province as we prepare for our quadrennial Provincial Chapter meetings, taking place in two sessions, beginning in January and concluding in June.

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