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New Province Council is Elected and Installed in Office

Fr. Gary and Fr. Joe pose with the newly elected councilors and officers

One of the most important tasks of the first session of a provincial Chapter is to elect a new province council; with councilors and officers charged with certain duties to assist the prior provincial in governing the province. The newly elected councilors and officers were installed by the Vicar General of the Order, Fr. Joseph Farrell, OSA. The Province Council for the 2019-2022 term is:

1st Councilor: Fr. Carlos Medina, OSA (second from left)

2nd Councilor: Br. Barnaby Johns, OSA (first from left)

3rd Councilor: Fr. Kirk Davis, OSA (third from left)

4th Councilor and Province Secretary: Fr. Maxime Villeneuve, OSA (first from right)

Province Treasurer: Fr. Gregory Heidenblut, OSA (second from right)

Vicar Provincial: Fr. James Mott, OSA (third from right)

Prior Provincial: Fr. Gary Sanders, OSA (left of center)

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