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Reflection: Why Me?

“Why me? Why? What did I do? I did not deserve that. The world is not fair. People are not fair. Nothing is going well. Look at me! I am in the hospital. My mom broke her hip and my sister blames me for that. The only support I have is my son who lives far away from me.”

John (not his real name), shared with me these questions and statements when I visited him at the hospital. He was angry and sad. John was in his 50s and divorced his wife a few years back. He lived in his mother’s house, but after she broke her hip, John’s sister took their mother with her to live in another state. His sister was now asking John to leave the house.

At the end of a conversation that started with tears, John’s spirit became filled with hope and he smiled. Before I left the room, John expressed his appreciation for the visit and the time I spent with him.

When I got back home, I was still thinking about the piercing question John raised: “Why me? Why?” I believe that perhaps at least once in our lives, we may have raised that question ourselves. Maybe someone else has also approached us with such questions.

If someone were to ask you today, “Why me?” What would you say? I am sure each one of us could have a word of wisdom or a short story to share; and I think that if we shared with each other our different responses, it would be beneficial to each of us. Please leave a comment below. It may just be the comment that someone else needs to read today.

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